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Zimperium's zIPS™ offers complete device protection identifying zero-day exploits with their patented z9™ machine learning engine providing real-time mitigation capabilities.

Zimperium developed the innovative and award-winning z9™ engine by training it over many years on proprietary machine-learning algorithms that distinguish normal from malicious behavior on Android and iOS devices.

Unlike cloud-based mobile security solutions that employ app sandboxing or tunnel traffic through the cloud, the z9™ engine sits directly on the mobile devices within the zIPS™ app, in order to provide complete protection around the clock.

Key Features


Zimperium uses the on-device z9™ detection engine to monitor the whole device for malicious behavior, and to dynamically detect known and unknown threats in real time.


The z9™ engine leverages machine learning to analyze deviations to device behavior and make determinations about indicators of compromise to accurately identify specific types of attacks and classify zero-day attacks.


The solution also implements quick incident-response recommendations and decisions when malicious activity is discovered.

zIAP™ in-app Protection

zIAP™ in-app protection leverages the same z9™ engine as zIPS™ delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide complete application protection.


Connected devices are proliferating at a rapid rate, however, these devices are extremely vulnerable to exploit. The zIOT strategy includes a Secure IOT Gateway, a Passive Detection solution, and an embedded device security capability all leveraging the same zConsole™ for device exploit reporting and analytics.

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