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Sansan is a cloud-based contact management tool for companies. Centered on business cards, Sansan seamlessly builds an actionable companywide database of contacts.

Sansan resolves problems with accumulated business cards, tracking contacts, and inefficient in-company communication. This unique, cloud-based contact management system is at work in 7,000+ companies.

Starting with 99.9% accurate scanning, Sansan builds a database of all contacts your company acquires. This grows into an increasingly valuable asset, accessible via PC or mobile. The process from card to actionable data is simple and seamless. Company members can manage contacts, track communications and sales progress, and share leads, rather than storing contacts individually. Inbuilt integration with Salesforce and the Sansan Open API also enable seamless tie-ins with many other tools.

Key Features

Highly Accurate Digitization

The Sansan proprietary scanner and mobile app employ a system that combines OCR, AI, and human input for 99.9% accurate digitization of data from business cards.

Organization in a Cloud-based Directory

Contacts are automatically organized into your company’s database. Add tags, notes, and meeting reports to optimize the database and keep track of leads and opportunities.

Utilize Contacts for Greater Efficiency

The database becomes a permanent, ever-growing company resource. Search for leads, request an introduction, and see the links between everyone else in the network.

Open API

With an Open API, Sansan data can be synced with multiple third-party software tools, such as email services, address books, and CRM or SFA.

Integrated Email and Messaging

Send bulk or individual emails. Create templates for check-ins, sales approaches, and thank-you notes. Quickly contact a colleague and ask for an introduction or tips.

Salesforce Integration

Easily sync your Sansan database with Salesforce, eliminating time wasted with manual input and getting both services working well together.

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