Prepaid for SIM Travel

SoftBank's Prepaid SIM for Travel provides you with 3GB of data for 31 days that can be used in Japan. Experience fast, reliable connectivity throughout your stay.

SoftBank can help provide you with fast, reliable network connection while you are travelling in Japan. Our data-only SIM card provides you with 3GB of data for 31 days, but if you need more, you can easily top-up so that you are constantly connected.

Setting up your SIM card only takes three simple steps, and you will be able to start using data in less than 30 minutes.  If you have any trouble with your SIM card, we also provide English support in Japan so that you can feel assured throughout your stay.

Purchase here on our Amazon storefront.

Key Features

3GB for 31 days

This is a data-only SIM card that gives you 3GB of data for 31 days.

Easy Set-Up

Setting up your SIM card only takes three simple steps (see here for instructions).

Top-Up from 500MB

If you end up using all of your data, you can easily top-up from 500MB with your credit card.

Multi-Sized SIM

The SIM card can be used not only with smartphones, but also with tablets (device needs to be SIM unlocked).

Customer Support in English

Certain SoftBank retail stores can provide you English support, as well as through the phone.

Easily Available on Amazon

You can easily purchase your SIM card on Amazon so that you have it ready to go before even leaving!

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