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Business Concierge Device Management can help relieve IT adminstrators from the stress of having to manage a plethora of devices in their organization, by centralizing and simplifying device management in a secure manner.

With Business Concierge Device Management, IT administrators can free themselves from the hassle of having to manage multiple devices in their organization, with flexibility and efficiency. Key features include the ability to oversee all device statuses, as well as the ability to control app installations remotely. If you ever lose your device, or it gets stolen, you can also lock your device or erase data remotely with ease, ultimately helping to avoid any information leakage and security breaches.

Business Concierge Device Management is not only available for smart devices (smartphones, tablets), but for PCs as well. There are no minimun order quantities for the number of devices or contract length restrictions, so any organization can easily deploy and trial the service from a small start.

Key Features

Total Control, Remotely

Not only can you manage users and their devices, but you can also control settings and security measures. All at once. Remotely.

Visualized Device Use and Status

You have the ability to oversee device usage and status through an easy-to-see dashboard. There is also a notification feature when security breach is detected.

Compatible Devices

Device management can be used for iPhones/Androids/iPads, as well as Windows and Macs.

Start from Small Deployment

There are no minimum requirements in number of devices or contract length to use this service.

Available in Multiple Languages

This service is available not only in English, but also Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Help Desk Support

An optional service is available where Help Desk support can be provided to control devices for you.

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