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Arm Treasure Data is designed to handle the complexities of global organizations. It is an enterprise-grade software-as-a-service that is flexible, customizable, scalable and secure.

Arm Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) brings together various data across different channels, such as customer relationship management (CRM), websites, mobile and even IoT devices, for a single, actionable view of your customers and prospects.

It empowers you to gain actionable insights in order to engage in meaningful ways along the entire customer journey, grow the bottom-line and measure your success.

Key Features

Pre-built Integrations

Integrate any type of customer data from every system, including PoS, IoT, web, mobile and offline. Ingest data in batch and streaming for the most up-to-date customer intelligence.

Identity Resolution

Unify customer identities across systems for a single, persistent view of every customer and prospect. Analyze a complete buyer's journey for remarkable customer experiences.

Customer Profiles

Easily surface key attributes and behaviors in one place to quickly understand customers and prospects on a 1-to-1 basis. Assess engagement in campaigns for better segmentation decisions.

Market Segmentation

Segment perfectly-sized groups of customers and prospects with every detail needed for the most targeted, impactful communications.

Predictive Analytics

Built-in machine learning for AI-driven insights used to predict who is most likely to buy, churn, click and more. Quickly build predictive scores into new and existing segments.

Activation & Reporting

Automatically synchronize customer and prospect segments to the most widely-adopted marketing systems for campaign orchestration. Simplify customer intelligence with holistic data and deliver visibility across the enterprise.

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