Looking to move offices within Europe? This time we want to introduce WeWork in Germany, a region where we get the second greatest number of inquiries after the UK for office space at the popular shared-office network.

To start, here are some basic facts about WeWork:

  • Founded in the USA in 2010
  • Currently operates in 121 cities and have 700 locations around the world
  • Opened their first German WeWork in Berlin in 2016
  • In Germany alone, they operate a total of 19 locations in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne (the latter will open this year) and Duesseldorf(the latter will open 2020).


Shared office space in Germany


We would like to introduce the reasons why WeWork are expanding at such a rapid pace along with their features.

Hip offices and work style

WeWork offices are designed with great taste, making it welcoming and desirable. All the locations have a great work environment and allows people to work in non-traditional ways. People can access workspace worldwide and provide spaces that permits for new work styles. This has helped to increase employee satisfaction and attract top talent, which is important for many companies. 

Flexible contract terms 

The minimum membership agreement length at WeWork is only one month. Furthermore, relocation within the WeWork network is possible at any moment, allowing teams to upsize or downsize according to demand and growth. Germany is famous for its large number of small businesses, but there are also many startups under the government-led Industry 4.0. The shared office network definitely makes it easier for such companies to move in with ease and minimal commitment.

Community and network

One of WeWork’s biggest attractions is their 500,000+ community with members from around the world. WeWork creates spaces in their offices that promote communication and networking among members via community managers, apps and events. This community is where business networking frequently occurs between companies. In some cases, large businesses join WeWork just to for its networking opportunities where they can discover new businesses and startups. 

Unipos - Why they love wework

We introduced WeWork in Berlin, Germany, to the Japanese company Unipos. This is what they had to say about the shared office company and their experience thus far.

We need to first mention about the WeWork staff members. They're extremely cheerful, helpful, and always takes care of our requests in a swift manner. These people are at the heart of the WeWork community and they really bring in some great energy.

Flexible office space: our team has grown, and we had to find a bigger space. The team (again) has responded very quickly and managed to organise a bigger space in just a few days. Flexibility is key for early stage startups and they've been able to respond to our needs so well until today.

The community: there is always some kind of experts in the community whenever we need help. For example, we needed a freelance PR manager for our company, and the community helped us connect to the right person. You can always find any type of experts online, but the good ones are not easy to find. We work with them today and so far, the experience has been great!

If you are looking for flexible office space or membership at WeWork, we will help you set up a tour at your desired location. Contact us today!