Did you know that the Yahoo brand is still very much alive in Japan? During the dot com bubble, they were one of the market-leading search engines across Europe and USA. Since then, Yahoo Inc. was bought out by Verison and now you rarely see their logo anywhere, except in the land of the rising sun.

In Japan, Yahoo lives on as Yahoo! JAPAN, where SoftBank has been their major shareholder since 1996. There, people use Yahoo! JAPAN every day. In fact, it’s the No.1 Japanese web portal with 37 million active users and 70.1 billion page views every month. With those numbers, it’s no surprise that they have the largest market share for smartphones and laptops that reach Japanese Internet users.

As a search engine, it’s famous for delivering more relevant results compared to Google, but it’s more than just that. Yahoo! JAPAN is most popular for their news, weather, email, Internet auction, e-payment and online shopping services. Making it to their Top News is a status most Japanese celebrities aim for in their careers.

Tokyo_Japanese Market

Why has Yahoo! seen so much success in the Japanese market?

Much like how other international brands have done business in Japan, the success stories often come from the result of effective localisation. A marketer must do more than translate literally and consider cultural differences for their campaigns. Each market is unique, and we cannot emphasise this enough when it comes to the Japanese market.

When Yahoo! in JAPAN became Yahoo! JAPAN, it became a Japanese company owned by Japanese people. Knowing exactly what their people wanted and delivering services to meet those needs is how they were able to grow and maintain their status as Japan’s top web portal.

Advertise on Yahoo! JAPAN

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