Are you aware of the latest digital trends in Japan? If you are a digital marketer of a company thinking of entering the Japanese market, it’s important to analyse the local trends and preferred platforms before creating a comprehensive marketing campaign. The market share of top social networking platforms vary from country to country, and it’s no surprise that Japan’s popular sites are different from those in the west. Today we’ll compare the difference between UK and Japanese social media, messaging, and web portal users and penetration in 2019.

Social Media in Japan

Twitter has been gaining massive popularity in Japan and have become the country’s leading social media platform. With 36.3 million users*, it surpasses the number of Facebook users in the UK. Furthermore, Instagram currently has more users in Japan than Facebook. If you compare the Japan and UK graphs, the most popular and unpopular platforms are reversed.

Popular social media platforms in Japan and UK 2019

Messaging Apps in Japan

In the western world, Whatsapp has a huge market share in the world of messaging apps; however, this is not the case in East Asia. Almost every country has its own app – WeChat in China, Kakao Talk in South Korea, and Line in Japan. In fact, the majority of mobile phone messaging app users are Line users.

Popular Mobile Messaging Apps in Japan and UK 2019

On the other hand, Whatsapp has a similar market penetration in the UK with 41.3% of the population using it in 2019.

Web Portal in Japan

Yahoo may not be a popular brand everywhere else in the world – except for in Japan. Yahoo! JAPAN, owned by SoftBank Corp., is the No.1 web portal in Japan. With over 70 billion page views a month and reaching 90% of the population that use smartphones, Yahoo! JAPAN cannot be ignored as a media channel. Moreover, it has multiple products and apps, including shopping, navigation, auction, news, finance, and mail.

In fact, Yahoo! JAPAN ranks at the top as a digital property – with more monthly users than Google and all the other social media platforms and messaging app aforementioned in this article.

Top 10 Digital Properties in Japan 2018

Contrary to Japan, UK’s top visited websites are Google, Amazon UK and YouTube*. As you can see, Yahoo is nowhere to be seen and Amazon has a much larger presence in Britain.

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